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Automotive Replication and Production Services

Automotive Replication and Production Services

Tyrconnell provides a large scope of prototyping and production applications for clients in a variety of fields. With Raise3D, automotive replacement parts become one of their accessible options due to the large size and material compatibility. 

We have operated a Raise 3D N2 Plus for a year now and find it an extremely capable machine which because of its adaptability is a good fit with our operations. As it is a cnc based machine we find it easy to use and understand and its large build size enables us to print items in one piece which would otherwise be broken up or unfeasible to print. We find it a solidly built machine and its rigidity and enclosed build platform assists greatly in the production of parts from materials such as abs which require an element of environmental control. In addition the power interruption resume feature is an extremely useful and practical feature when dealing with prints which may last over a 100 hours. Any time we have had issues with the machine we have found support staff extremely helpful.

Tyrconnell 3D Printing Solutions Limited – The Digital Blacksmith is an engineering company making use of the latest technology to provide practical solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. They operate a line of 3D printers and have high definition scanning and photogrammetric capabilities. These tools allow them to service a wide variety of industries including: automotive,orthotics, architecture, sculpture/modeling, dental, props, medical devices, injection molds, lost-wax casting, and various rapid prototyping projects.

With the high tech capabilities, precision parts, and their variety of material types, Tyrconnell frequently serves clientele that place orders of practical parts as opposed to decorative pieces.

Dash tray for old Mazda being printed on a Raise3D N2 Plus

Orders for automotive parts are made at the request of clients inquiring about the creation of specific parts; often for older cars where parts are no longer readily available. First, the customer to first send in a series of photos and rough sizing to quote the part. From there, the original (quite often broken) part is sent in for digital design. This part is digitally scanned and repaired if necessary. The final design can be directly 3D printed.

Original (left) and printed (right) parts of an old Mazda.

Clean removal of support material post printing

Following completion of printing, the part will be post processed to client’s requirements. This includes removing any supports and can be as simple as a quick sanding to smooth part or can involve full painting for immediate use on a car.

In addition to parts for use in full size vehicles, the same process is used to provide scale models of parts to model makers.


Various small parts for vehicle use. Original part(left), printed part(center), and after post processing(right).

We utilize the Raise 3D N2 Plus on a regular basis for car parts as it is able to print using an appropriate filament and its large build size enables us to print a large number of the items in one piece.

Be reverse engineering parts and 3D printing, Tyrconnell is able to supply customers with parts for that would have been unable to obtain by other means only attainable at prohibitively high prices.

Tyrconnell's diverse range of filament options for the Raise3D N2

Dental and orthosis applications provided by Tyrconnell

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