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Articulating Arm

Model: articulating arm

Printer: N2

Material: R3D PLA filaments and 3rd party filaments

Maker: Guido Volante

"Everything, but the yellow base to my articulating arm, was printed on my N2. This rainbow of parts was made from (starting at the bottom) Zortrax ULTRAT (green) @260C), Raise 3D PLA Yellow and Red parts @ default 215C, Octave PLA (black) at 220C. The black Octave and the second yellow component from the bottom were printed using PolySupport for raft and support (215C for Raise 3D PLA and 220C for Octave PLA, PolySuppot 240C (using the RT nozzle) @240C."    

----Guido Volante