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A Letter of Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers

A Letter of Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers

Dear Backers,

We cannot thank you enough for backing us on Kickstarter. It is everyone’s effort to bring Raise3D N-series printer to life. Without the support from each one of you 348 Raisers, we wouldn’t make it this far. 2015 is a great year for our team and every Raiser and 2016 will be even better. We have shipped out the first 50 super early bird N2 printers by end of last December and more N1, N2 and N2 plus printers are on their way. By end of this February, we shall fulfill all KS orders so you all can start your own journey with our amazing Nseries printer. We would love to hear about your stories.

No matter how far we can go, how big a company we can grow into, all you 348 Raisers will always be appreciated and remembered.

Thank you all!


Here is the list we want to show our thanks:


Thomas Peters, VOCADEMY - The Makerspace, Dr. Lon Porter, Wabash College, MatterHackers, Scott Goldthwaite, Alvin Tsang, Shabaz Mohammad, Aleksandra Kuhl, ISS-Above, TAN3D ART, Bee, Jim McCuan, Martin P G Gear, Brad Johnson, Greg Jagla, Serge Ecoiffier, 李玉童, Raymond Gage, Ario, Inc., Jason Oudshoorn, 3Dprintergear, Jacob A Canny, 3D Proshare, Ted Bäckman, FLEKS3D, Christopher Lin, Retromixer, TheArtViking, Tech-No-Logic Corp, Ed Lam, Jansen Tang, Michito Nishino, Geoff Myers, Matthew, 3d-printing-chicago.com, Cozmo, Trhuster, thewindowcleaningcompany.org, DianaPlantSciences, Inc, Ivan Gallego Bravo, Nicholas Urena, Dick liew, Jonathan Bédard, Peter D., Julia Truchsess, Franco Ponticelli, Jorge Molinari, Dave Hylands, Michael Ravens, Fantom Dynamics, Matthew Lozano, DDD Solution, FILAMENTS.CA, YCSWYD, Dale Grimes, Tou, John Fehr, Jetguy, Biltrite Mfg Solutions, Jim Fouch - FOUCH SOFTWARE, Stuart Warren, Rob G, eStuff+, matmakin, Lyle Waters, JH Seok, MCLasershop www.3dandmore.at, Thomas F. Collins, 3Dprint4every1, www.Modellus.fr, PrismOne, Higgins Analytical, Inc., Lawrence H Lee, Kwan Sheung Fung, Mohamed Ahmed Alnaqbi, Michael Hauser, Marco Ruiter, CST, Carlos Gray, Zak Kus, David L. Stern, Gulf Marvel Co. LLC, Airguard Incorporated, BorisG, James MacGregor, Ken D. Eckhaus, Greg F., Sunny, Michael Nolen, alexander h. whang, owensadventures, ZRM, Paul Lee, Prometheus 3D, Jason Sankovitch, Robert Baruch, Wong Wai Yin, Justin Waldron, Masaki Apsy, Paws and Claws Pet Store, Mitch Gates, Allan Tarantino, Applicita, Rakesh Salian, CoolguyT258, Nairim Villarreal, Yadher Bustamante on Youtube., Amos Kilchsperger, Zack Clonts, Corman and Associates, Brian Berman Productions, Spencer Metzler, Dennis Liew, N. Andres Jaimes, Bimac, Bitol Designs, Pixelnomial Studios Inc., rtist9, Leonard Kulas, Linquist Labs, Josh Benson, Kais Al-Rawi, Evan Nguyen, Pattern to Print, David Merel, Lon Varscsak, AzroHunt, Stephen Strawn, Chris, Walter P Moore | Los Angeles, Lalee Consulting LLC, Barry S Wulfe, Jason Leong KP, Miguel Guerrero, Chris Jensen, King Sculpture Studios, Casey Thornton, www.3DQuake.com, Brandon S Higa, IM KIM, Markus Beth, Make Mike, Inception Studio Inc., Duplicat 3D Printer Services, Pierre-Antoine BASTIAN, Byung-Hoon, Koh, Scubacam Pte Ltd, Ken Yoo, JolietDelta, H and H 3D Plastics, www.NEO-MFG.com, Joe Brunson, Mark Trounce, M. Phani Sasank, Al Bray, Stage One Creative Services Ltd, Steven Lim, Holobit Inc, Will Ho, That's So Cool Products, Amortech Design Labs - amor.tech, HUitz, Roger Strolz, HugoZee Hackenebush, Liam O'brien, Leo Lui, Urs Fries, Morita, Chris D'Aoust, John Daskalakis Jr, K. Acorn and J. Hart, James Dean, Stellan Clark, M Wild, JM Iowa, Richard Hoff, Zettlinger Automatisering - Creative Art Shop, Woodbrey Consulting Inc, Atelier38 Inc., Michael McCarty, Jeremy Glover, Tully Whistles, PowerFilm, Inc., Monthly IT, Perdix Design Ltd, Steven Corraliza, Lyle Walsh, SMITS made, Sorensen Electronics, Inc., CrossWing, Inc., Pipe and Steel of Florida, M/E Design Studio, John Burgener, Los Angeles Airport Police Officer's Association, Ryan Hescock - SchellKore, WeaRobot, Manifiesto Design, Travis, NISEG UAB, crouchingpixel, BDR Designs, Macmedie, Centipede Software, Sebastian, Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC, Custom Trolleys Australia, Robert Wong, Scott Hall, Carl Samson, Lee, Brian Creasey, Trophyman.com, Roncelli Plastics Inc.