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When printing, the extruder constantly moving to different locations and turning on/off. When printing the shell, the extruder usually starts at one location and travel back to the same location at the end. This moving pattern and turning on/off will cause extrusion variation. The extrusion variation will end up with marks on the surface, which are called blobs or zits.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to join two pieces of plastic together without leaving any mark whatsoever, but there are several tools in ideaMaker that can be used to minimize the appearance of these surface blemishes.

  • Retraction settings and other related settings

Retraction setting determines the amount of filament being pulled back when the extruder turns off. Restart extra amount determines how far to push the filament in when the extruder turns on. If you notice extra or insufficient amount of extrusion at the end, then you should adjust the ‘Retract Material Amount’ to pull the filament back more or less when extruder turns off. If you notice extra or insufficient amount of extrusion at the beginning, then you should adjust the ‘Restart Extra Amount’ to push the filament out more or less when extruder turns on again. You can go to ‘Advance’ setting and click on ‘Ooze’ tab to adjust retraction settings.

  • Enabling WipeWall

This setting is specially set for the dual-extruder printers. When using dual-extruder, there always that one nozzle stands by during the other one in printing. The nozzle may have some extrusion problem when waiting for starting printing again. Ooze may leave several little marks on the surface of your print. Thankfully, ideaMaker provides a solution to such situation. Click “Advance” and select the Ooze tab. There is a section at the bottom of the page for Multiple Extruder. Check “Enable WipeWall”. The software will set an outline around the print which can reduce the risk of scars.