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Extruder blocking may happen when you are trying new filament or new settings. You can clean the blocked Extruder with the following instructions. Before anything, you need to click the disable motors button(in red circle) on the utilities page first to power off the motors. Then, heat the extruder to desired temperature to pull out the residual filament.

Keep the extruder temperature and use the steel string we provide in the accessory box to unblock the extruder. You can insert it like filament to push the blocked filament out when extruder is heated to desired temperature.


If you still can’t get the blocked filament out, then you need to remove the hotend. Here is the instruction. First, cool the extruder down so you won’t hurt yourself if you touch it by accident. Then, remove the coldend fan by unscrewing the two screws circled in red.


Then, loose the screw in the front and the screw on the side (depend on which hotend you want to remove). Then you can pull out the hotend. Be careful with the heating stick and thermal couple that is attached to the hotend.