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If you are having this problem, you will see lots of small plastic shavings from the filament that has been ground away. Another sign is that the extruder motor is spinning, but the filament is not being pulled into the extruder body. The driver gear we use have sharp teeth to bite on the filament to move it. If the contact spot is grinded away, the teeth will have nowhere to bite on and hence can’t move the filament anymore。

Check the following things to solve the problem.

  • Increase the extruder temperature

Higher extruder temperature will make the plastic flow easier and hence easier to move. You can do this by clicking “Advance” and selecting the Cooling tab then edit the temperature of the extruder. Plastic will always flow easier at a higher temperature, so this can be a very helpful setting to adjust.

  • The extruder is clogged.

A clogged nozzle has no ability to extrude as much filament as the software set. Much filament cannot get into the nozzle while the feeding gear is still working according to the procedure. For more possible causes, please see the clogged extruder description in the Clogged Extruder section for more details.