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Please shutdown the printer and follow this instructions carefully.

1.As shown in the following picture, all black screws needs to be swapped to nylon tip screws. All are M5 and you can use a 2.5mm hex wrench.

2.It is medium strength thread glue.You can turn the screw off with a little bit force. If you find that is hard, you may need to find a hot air gun to help you.

3.Use wrentch (or with hot air gun)to loose the screw you want to remove and then use the short side of the 2.5mm hex wrench to loose the screw by turning COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

#WARNING: Please make sure you turn the wrench to the counter-clockwise direction to prevent damage to the heat bed.

Sometime you need a hot air gun to help you.(*optional)

4.After the screw is loose, then you won’t need the hot air gun anymore. Keep turning counter-clockwise to remove the screw using the long side of the hex wrench.

5.Put on the new nylon tip M5 screw.

6.)The nylon tip screws provided by us are already with such glue so you don’t have to apply additional glue to them.(If you find any of them is loose after some time, you could use Kafuter K-0242 or Loctite200 thread glue to help resist the vibration.) Now screw the nylon tip screw in CLOCKWISE and tighten it to about 20Kgf.cm (about normal tightness).


7.Repeat this process and swap out the screws ONE BY ONE.

#WARNING: You have to do this one by one so it won’t affect the leveling of the heat bed.