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Version 3.4.2 - Jun 24, 2019

  • Increased the calculation speed of support boundary for big models.
  • Fixed the bug of not dropping the printing speed for small features due to miscalculation of Minimal Layer Time.
  • Fixed the bug not avoid travelling through Holes with Avoid Travel Through Holes enabled.
  • Fixed the bug of generating moving path for enclosed Thin Wall structures.
  • Fixed the bug of miscalculation of model’s position when using Arrange Models.
  • Fixed bug that Outer Shell disappears on some models when Print Shells in Optimal Order enabled.
  • Fixed wrong scale issue when editing Local Transform in Scale after Max Fit.
  • Fixed some interface issues.

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Version 3.4.1 - May 23, 2019

  • Added option under Modifiers Settings, Merge Modifiers Shells with Parent Models.
  • Added First Layer Extrusion Width Percentage.
  • Added Extrusion Width Percentage for Top Solid Fill Layers and Bottom Solid Fill Layers.
  • Added option to define the Maximum Supported Area Percentage.

Version Beta - Apr 4, 2019

  • Fixed the crash issue happens when loading STL files
  • Fixed the display issue of  template list in "Prepare to Slice" panel when deleting a template

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Version 3.4.0 Beta - Mar 29, 2019

  • Added Adaptive Layer Height
  • Added Layer Height preview mode
  • Added Modifier Menu Icon
  • Sequential Printing

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Version - Oct 31, 2018

  • Add slicing templates for Raise3D PC filament in N Series printer.
  • Fixed issue that the target temperature is not handled correctly for heating inactive extruder in advance.

Version - Oct 29, 2018

  • Added option to print shells in optimal order to reduce travel moves.
  • Added seam hiding options to place the start point on the corner.
  • Added option to set the firmware type of printers.
  • Added option to omit outputting RaiseTouch-specified gcodes for third-party printers and you can specify other gcodes to overwrite default commands.
  • Added support for viewing and exporting timelapse of completed print task in Dashboard under Remote Connection (RaiseTouch 1.0.0 or newer is required).
  • Added the camera shot button in the camera view under Remote Connection.
  • Fixed Wipe Wall generated incorrectly across different setting groups issue.
  • Fixed the issue that the retract incorrectly with Avoid Retraction Inside Models and Avoid Traveling Through Holes both enabled.

Version 3.1.7 - May 11, 2018

  • Fixed the crash bug during connecting to printer or view files in remote control
  • Fixed the issue that images not displaying correctly under High-DPI displays

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Version 3.1.6 - May 3, 2018

  • Added Slicing Templates for the Pro2 Series
  • Added “Maximum Shells Overlap Percentage”
  • Improved Thin Wall Processing
  • Improved Gap Filling Processing
  • Added the Option to Enable or Disable Fan Speed Settings
  • Added Slicing Settings under Filament Settings
  • Added Slicing Template information into .data File
  • Added an Auto-Reconnection Function for Remote Control
  • Added Support for 3MF
  • Added Support for Exporting Multiple Models
  • Added Report Bug under Help
  • Added an Option for Selecting Currency for Filament Price
  • Added Support for Non-integer Value for Shell
  • Added Korean Language
  • Added Model Information in the Uploading Queue
  • Added a Rename Function
  • Fixed Wrong Tab Order Issue in Mac
  • Fixed Small Segments Calculation Issue of WipeWall and Brim
  • Fixed Issue of Uploading Progress Display not Updating in time

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Version 3.1.0 - January 30, 2018

  • Added more infill patterns: Honeycomb, Triangles and Cubic
  • Added new solid fill pattern: Concentric
  • Added acceleration and jerk setting in slice template
  • Added coasting distance option
  • Added moving arrow for manual moving model in X & Y directions besides the current arrow for Z only
  • Improved printing order of solid fill layer
  • Optimized the nozzle moving path after nozzle purging
  • Enlarged the pillar size range from 1-10mm to be 1-100mm
  • Fixed the edit button gray-out problem after importing a new slicing template from local disk unless exit or reopen
  • Fixed the bridging calculation error
  • Fixed the bug of not merging circle line for Brim
  • Fixed the bug of top and bottom solid layers generating calculation
  • Fixed the bug of normal type support generating
  • Fixed the bug of calculation of top solid infill layers speed
  • Fixed the bug of left and right extruder estimated filament amount
  • Fixed the bug of OBJ file NOT be parsed correctly

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Version 3.0.5 - December 18, 2017

  • Added new function to arrange the models automatically
  • Added an option to fill small gaps between the shells
  • Added options to import and export group and layer settings separately with main slicing template export
  • Size of manual support now will be recalculated after scaling the models
  • All the duplicated or copied models will be given different names to be identified with each other
  • Fixed examples not founded bug in Mac OS X

Version 3.0.4 - November 29, 2017

  • Changed the Raft shape to be round corner
  • Optimized some printing settings in default templates
  • Shown the current Printer Type inside the title bar
  • Added gcode Post-process under Advanced -> GCode tab where you can replace or delete the characters in batches
  • Changed the duplicated position to be kept as relative position among models when selecting multiple models to duplicate together
  • Added Horizontal Expansion under Advanced -> Support tab to expand support structure in XY direction
  • Added Support Base Layers under Advanced -> Support tab to increase adhesion of support structure to below layers
  • Fixed the calculating bug of PlaceHolder

Version 3.0.3 - November 13, 2017

  • Added an option to disable Wipe Wall and Wipe Tower under Per-Layer Settings
  • Added more shortcuts
  • Fixed display bugs under Remote Connection
  • Fixed bugs of the save button when importing the template from lock disk
  • Fixed the crash bug of the edit button under Per-Layer Settings
  • Fixed the crash bug happens when slicing multiple models with multiple setting groups and there has no model inside the first setting group

Version 3.0.2 - November 3, 2017

  • Added Upload gcode file, Export gcode file and re-slice in Slice Preview window
  • Added Support in Per-Group Settings
  • Added Enable Printer Discovery. With this option disabled, ideaMaker will stop searching machines automatically, so that there will have no incoming network connection
  • Fixed bugs of generating Dense Support Layer
  • Fixed bugs of not updating Per-Group Settings and Per-Layer Settings in time when switching the different Setting Group
  • Fixed bug of max limit of duplication

Version 3.0.1 - October 28, 2017

  • Added judgement when uploading to check whether the printer type chosen for slicing is the same as the printer your want to upload the file to
  • Added explanation for options under Advanced Settings
  • Fixed the display bug of preview page under Higi-DPI
  • Fixed the crash problem caused by calculation of generating support structure

Version 3.0.0 - October 23, 2017

  • Different slice templates for different models
  • Added different settings for various layers of the model
  • Added different settings for each extruder
  • Added the temperature control over the different layers of the model
  • Wipe tower infill ratio
  • Set the extruder for the dense support
  • Infill Extrusion width percentage
  • Print parts in sequential order
  • Bridging speed and extrusion width percentage
  • Added XY Size Compensation
  • Added Extruder Switch GCode, Layer Change GCode and Retraction GCode
  • Added placeholders in G-code script section under GCode tab
  • Rename G-code file before uploading to the printer
  • Find the G-code file after exporting
  • Added shortcuts to navigate G-code layers and steps in preview window
  • Improved G-code preview for the structure mode, and added previewing print speed in the preview window
  • Able to duplicate and remove printer templates
  • Able to remove filaments and the associated slice templates
  • Change the calculation of the z-position for the model from the model’s center to the bottom line of the model.
  • Added obsolete template management
  • Added more information inside the exported slicing template

Version 2.6.0 - May 18, 2017

  • Added a feature to set Wipe Tower
  • Improved scaling of multiple models 
  • Improved extruder switch strategy for Wipe Wall
  • Improved spiral vase mode
  • Improved the speed of gcode generation
  • Fixed issue that the option of layer start point type takes no effect
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of brim structure

Version 2.5.1 - March 28, 2017

  • Added option to disable positioning imported models automatically
  • Show tips for shortcuts in the user interface
  • Save the checked state of perspective and orthographic view, the edges and the wireframe mode
  • Fixed issue that the "Current Type of Printer" setting is reset after reinstallation
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of vertical offset layers in support structures

Version 2.5.0 - March 19, 2017

  • Added a feature to set infill extruder
  • Added support for slicing with unsaved slice templates
  • Added support for disable placing models on platform after rotating, scaling and mirroring
  • Added support for Russian language   
  • Added support for changing the settings of printers and filaments in the "Select Template" window
  • Added option to save and restore window state
  • Added option to save and restore the selections and states in the slice preview window
  • Added option to set maximum amount of object duplicating
  • Added estimated price shown in the slice preview window
  • Change shortcut to Ctrl+Left Mouse for rotating camera view in the non-view operation mode
  • Flip mesh orientation automatically after mirroring models
  • Improved STL file parsing on German version of Linux
  • Fixed issue that the calculation of bounding box is incorrect after rotating models
  • Fixed mesh errors of example models

Version 2.4.0 - January 09, 2017

  • Added a feature to set different type of wipewall
  • Added a feature to set extrusion width
  • Added a feature to keep holes in raft
  • Fixed issue of scaling models
  • Fixed issue of selecting the current printer
  • Fixed abnormal exit issue that may occur when saving slice templates

Version 2.3.0 - November 21, 2016

  • Added a feature to export OBJ file
  • Added a feature to set welding distance for STL file
  • Added a feature to adjust the offset distance of WipeWall
  • Added a feature to judge whether Raft is in a legal position
  • Added examples models
  • Added using data statistics in remote control (required the Raise Touch verison 0.8.0 or later)
  • Added uploading queue in remote control (required the Raise Touch verison 0.8.0 or later)
  • Added undo/redo function in manual support
  • Improved the Rotate function to be World Transform and Local Transform
  • Improved the Raft/Brim/Skirt option and interface
  • Modified the Task Finished interface in remote control

Version 2.2.3 - August 23, 2016

  • Added a feature to add manual supports
  • Added a feature to set infill angle of supports
  • Added a function to check right nozzle printing range
  • Added orthographic view
  • Improved path generation
  • Improved slice speed
  • Fix a bug that the printers from bookmarks are not listed in the file uploading form

Version 2.2.1 - July 6, 2016

  • Added a feature to set dense support in support structure
  • Added a feature to control the printing sequence of outer shell and inner shell
  • Added a feature to set global offset in gcode files
  • Added a option to disable retraction inside models
  • Added a option to enable skirt while using raft
  • Added a feature to set layer start point
  • Added a feature to lay flat via specified faces
  • Improved scaling models to specified dimensions
  • Improved moving and scaling models
  • Fix a bug in checking models on platform

Version 2.2.0 - May 24, 2016

  • Added new fill pattern
  • Added a feature to merge multiple models
  • Added a feature to move models at z-axis
  • Added a feature to align models together
  • Keep z-position while cutting or splitting models
  • Copy extruders or bed temperature from the template to be duplicated
  • Display the selected template first while duplicating the template
  • Fix crash issue while editing template

Version 2.1.6 - April 28, 2016

  • Added a feature to add custom device information via remote control
  • Added a feature to pause the print at certain height (required the Raise Touch verison 0.6.7 or later)
  • Added a feature to set fan speed at certain layer
  • Changed to show materials in filament settings in the order of most recent modification
  • Fixed a bug of infill over-extrusion

Version 2.1.5 - April 19, 2016

  • Added a function to zoom and pan in 2d mode of slice preview
  • Added z-pos and layer info in remote control interface
  • Optimized the default focus button in "Edit template" dialog
  • Update the filament settings for V2 hot end
  • Remove the duplicated default slice templates

Version 2.1.4 - April 1, 2016

  • Added slicing templates for V2 hot end
  • Added a function to import/export slicing template
  • Added a function to drag in slicing template
  • Improved model snapshots

Version 2.1.3 - March 29, 2016

  • Added support for Linux system
  • Added a function to add or drag in multiple model files
  • Added the printing task recovery list in remote control interface
  • Added a function to set temperature in the "Home" page in remote control interface
  • Added a function to create folders in local storage in remote control interface
  • Added a function to copy, move, delete and rename multiple files and folders in remote control interface
  • Added a reminder for safe mode in remote control interface
  • Added a battery volume display
  • Added WiFi signal strength display
  • Added a function to resize in the file uploading interface
  • Added a function to set fill density of the top layer of raft
  • Added a reminding of heat bed temperature set point too high
  • Added a function to support mouse dragging outside the interface window
  • Optimized the focus of buttons in the interface of slice settings
  • Optimized printing time display to show remaining print time
  • When export STL file, keep the model position, size and orientation information
  • Increase the loading speed of icon pictures in remote control interface
  • Fixed a bug in estimating printing time in slicing
  • Change the "Print Connect" window to non-modal

Version 2.1.2 - February 22, 2016

  • Added more parameters in first layer settings
  • Added z-axis movement speed
  • Added Z-hop in retraction
  • Added shortcuts for editing and deleting slice template
  • Added shortcuts for deleting models on Mac OS X
  • Added check for file names starting with a '.'
  • Improved zooming in and out in slice preview
  • Improved processing mouse wheel event for the popup dialogs
  • Removed the retraction when printing raft
  • Fixed a bug when 'save as' the edited print template

Version 2.1.1 - February 14, 2016

  • Added more parameters in retraction settings
  • Added more parameters in infill settings
  • Added a function to adjust angle in small steps when cutting a model
  • Fixed a bug of retraction compensation
  • Fixed a temperature bug when using right extruder only
  • Improved the edit and save function of slicing template
  • Fixed interface English expression
  • Fixed a bug of capitalizing the letters in the print file name

Version 2.1.0 - February 5, 2016

  • Added a reminder for slicing template modification
  • Added a warning for low slicing temperature setting
  • Added a 'save as' function to slicing template
  • Added a function to adjust the model angle one degree per step
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in slice preview
  • Added to function to choose the amount of models duplicated
  • Added a function to export an stl file
  • Added a right-click menu to the model list, menu includes delete, copy and export
  • Improved slicing workflow
  • Improved compatibility for retina displays on Mac OS X
  • Fixed a bug in slicing
  • Fixed some mistakes in the remote control interface

Version 2.0.6 - January 21, 2016

  • Added extra option for retraction at layer change
  • Added "connect" button to toolbar for connecting to Raise3D N-series printers via network
  • Improved compatibility for retina displays in Windows
  • Add print file name to slice preview title bar
  • Fixed window shown black on some graphics card 

Version 2.0.5 - January 12, 2016

  • Added retraction option in slice preview
  • Improved handling with drag-and-drop
  • Improved parameters of raft and support
  • Modified retraction settings, made it compatible with more third party PLA filaments.
  • Fixed issue that values are incorrect while change model size
  • Fixed sync problem when connecting to printer
  • Fixed issue that printer setting can not save
  • Fixed incorrect offset which slicing skirt without raft

Version 2.0.4 - January 3, 2016

  • Fixed encoding issue of slice template
  • Fixed crash issue that occurred when clicking advance setting on Mac OS X
  • Fixed bug that raft has drift when using multiple extruders
  • Record last open or save directory for convenient
  • Improved UI layout
  • Improved extruder selection for support, raft and models