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Tool and parts you will need:


Assembling Instruction

1. Install heat sink and throat tube:

1.1 Screw in 2 M3*5 screws into the heating sink. If your heat sink is the early version, then use 2 M3*20 screw:


1.2 Insert the throat tube all the way into the heat sink and tighten the screws:


2. Install the throat tube into the heating block:

2.1 Apply a thin layer of high temperature silicon grease on the outside of throat tube tip:


2.2 Screw the throat tube in and use the installation tool to make sure all parts are aligned.

Installation tool stl file


3. Install the nozzle

3.1 Screw in the nozzle by hand first:


3.2 Use 3mm hex wrench or similar tool to hold the heating block when screwing the nozzle:

Note: Be careful DO NOT apply pressure to throat tube and always hold the heating block when tightening the nozzle.


4. Fix throat tube with M3*3 screw (not necessary for early version of V2):


5. Done.