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First before you swap in V2 hot end. Please update the firmware first.

Download it and put it in a USB drive. Connect to printer and under 'Print' tab, go to 'USB' and select the firmware to print. It will update itself.

Also please update ideaMaker also.

Here is the download link.

Note: this is for customers with V2 hot end and customers with V1 do not need to do this update.

Now, let's swap in the V2 hotend.

First, make sure you have all the tools and parts ready. Then unload filament, turn off the printer and make sure the V1 hotend is cold. Get the V2 hotend out and all the hex wrench we included in the accessory box.

1. Take out V1 hot end

1.1 use 2.5mm hex wrench to unscrew the 2 fix screws of the extruder fan. Then use 2mm hex wrench to loose the set screw on the side.

1.2 use a 3mm hex wrench to loose the fix screw in the front.

1.3 pull out V1 hot end

1.4 use 1.5mm hex wrench to loose the set screws on the side of heating block and then pull out the heating rod and thermal couple.

2. Install V2 hot end

2.1 install the thermal couple and heating rod into V2 hot end. Make sure you insert the thermal couple all the way into the heating block.

2.2 install the V2 hot end in

2.3 install the fan and fan cover back on. Please watch for the direction both are facing.


V2 is 2mm taller than V1 so that you need adjust the bed home position before printing.

3.1 push the extruder head all the way to the front and press ‘home’ for z axis.

3.2 Using the bed as a reference to adjust the position between right and left hot ends. Make sure they are on the same height.

3.3 adjus the z limit screw height to change the gap between nozzle and the bed. Adjust it to suit your prints (with/o raft, layer height)

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