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Here we will discuss about the common issues with N-Series printer. If you have further question, please feel free to contact us at help.raise3d.com.

A Bed Leveling

Please follow instruction here.


B Nozzle Clogging

There are several reasons that will cause nozzle clogging. First of all, you need to check the material and its proper printing temperature range. Make sure you set the nozzle temperature properly. Then we will go over other possible reasons that may cause a nozzle clogging.

1. Clogging at the first layer

If filament is not extruding at the first layer, it is possible that the nozzle is too close to the bed. Please check the nozzle/bed gap first.

2. Clogging after the first layer

If filament is not extruding after first layer, there are several things we could check.

  1. Extruder fan: make sure the extruder fan is on and it is crucial for hot end cooling.
  2. Try push the filament in with hand when clogging is discovered. This will help us to find out where the clogging is. If you can push it in with your hand, then it is more related to nozzle temperature too low or filament grinding by feeding gear. If you cannot push it in, then it is either the nozzle or throat tube is clogged. Follow the instruction in ‘Unclogging Hot End’to solve the problem.
  3. Check the filament diameter: uneven filament diameter is possible to cause this issue. We recommend you to purchase hight quality filaments like those available on our website. You can find them here: http://www.raise3d.com/collections/filaments


C Unclogging Hot End

Extruder blocking may happen when you are trying new filament or new settings. You can clean the blocked Extruder with the following instructions. Before anything, you need to click the disable motors button(in red circle) on the utilities page first to power off the motors. Then, heat the extruder to desired temperature to pull out the residual filament.

Keep the extruder temperature and use the steel string we provide in the accessory box to unblock the extruder. You can insert it like filament to push the blocked filament out when extruder is heated to desired temperature. 

If you still can’t get the blocked filament out, then you need to remove the hot end to disassemble and reassemble.

D Hot End Disassemble

First, cool the extruder down so you won’t hurt yourself if you touch it by accident. Then, remove the coldend fan by unscrewing the two screws circled in red.


Then, loose the screw in the front and the screw on the side (depend on which hotend you want to remove). Then you can pull out the hotend. Be careful with the heating stick and thermal couple that is attached to the hotend.

Hot end disassemble instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3EaDHNdlKU


E Hot End Assemble

Instruction is here.

Instruction video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hobwePlokQc


F Adjusting Voltage of Extruder Stepper Driver

Please find instruction here


G Model not Ahereing to Build Plate

There are a few reasons. The most commons are as following:

1. Nozzle/bed gap too big

This is the most common cause so this is the first thing to check. Please follow the instruction in Quick Start Guide to adjust the nozzle/bed gap.

2. Heat bed temperature too low

Different material requires different bed temperature. It depends on the material itself a lot. Please consult your filament supplier for proper bed temperature. Also generally, bigger objects will need higher bed temperature.

3. Material compatibility with printing surface

The only material we know that is NOT compatible with our printing surface is Nylon. If you want to print Nylon filament, please turn over the build plate and use the glass side with glue. Please contact your filament supplier for which kind of glue you should use.


H Layer Shifting

This is the most complicated problem and we will go through the most common possible causes and if you have any question, please feel to contact help.raise3d.com for further assisstance. Before trying anything else, apply additional lubrication grease to the rods and see if that will help.

 1. X/Y Stepper Driver Malfunction

When this happens, the shifting usually will apear at the beginning and only at the direction of the maulfunctional stepper driver. One easy way to spot this is to swap X and Y stepper driver and see if the shifting direction changes. The stepper driver is loacted on the motion controller board in the main electronic box.

NOTE: Before unplugging/plugging stepper driver, turn off the printer.

2. Nozzle Hitting Model

2.1 Insufficient Model Cooling

If there is insufficient model cooling, part of the model may warp and nozzle will hit it when moving along. When nozzle hitting the model, there is a chance to cause the motor to lose a few steps and hense show layer shifting. Nozzle/bed temperature being too high or over extrusion is the 2 major causes. We recommend to perform flow rate calibration, especially for 3rd part filament.

 2.2 Bent X/Y Rod

If the X/Y rod is bent, please contact us at help.raise3d.com for further assisstance.

 3. Extruder Head Not Moving Smoothly

3.1 X/Y Axis Checklist

If there is any screw or belt loose on X/Y gantry, the extruder head may not be able to move smoothly. Please follow this checklist.

3.2 X/Y Gantry Alignment

If X/Y gantry alignment is off, the extruder head may not be able to move smoothly. This is usually due to excessive impact during shipping process. Please contact us at help.raise3d.com for further assisstance.


I Touchscreen Problem

There are two common types of touchscreen problems.

1. Non-Grounding Power Outlet

In order to have the touchscreen working properly, please make sure the power outlet is properly grounded. Otherwise, it will cause screen to freeze and other possible problems. If you still have problem when the power outlet is grounded, please contact us at help.raise3d.com for further assisstance.

 2. WIFI not Connecting

All printers WIFI connections are tested in factory. If the touchscreen can’t connect to your WIFI, please check your router settings or get a different router. If there is further problem, please contact us at help.raise3d.com for further assisstance.