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0. Take off the hotend following the instructions of extruder clog cleaning.

1. Tools you need: 6mm socket wrench(or 6mm regular wrench), 1.5mm hexagon wrench, 2mm hexagon wrench, 2.5mm hexagon wrench, 3mm hexagon wrench.

2. Install the bronze nozzle first with 6mm socket wrench. Tighten it all the way.

3. Insert the throat tube, push it all the way in. Remember you have to install the nozzle first then the throat tube.

4. Use 2 M3x8 screws to lock down the throat tube.

5. You have to tighten the screw as much as possible. After it’s done, this is how it looks like (the gap in between is normal and you should notice this gap if you assemble it correctly.And must tighten the screw as hard as you can !!

6. Now install the heat sink. Face the screws the same direction as the screws on the heating block. The heat sink should be positioned close to the top of the throat tube.

7. Use 2 M3x20 internal screws to tighten the heat sink.

8. Install the heating tube and thermal couple. Tighten with 1.5mm hexagon wrench. Push the thermal couple all the way into the heating block. The heating tube should be positioned in the middle of heating block.

9. Push the hot-end into the extruder block from under.

10. Tighten the screws in the front and on the left side.

11. Now you have assembled and installed the hot-end of N-series printer.