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It is pretty obvious when layers shift. For example, when you are printing a cube, the side surface should be smooth. However, when layer shifting happens, you will notice a sudden shift for one layer and certain amount of later layers will be printing on the shifted layer till the next shifting happens.

Check the following things to solve the problem.

  • Belt, belt wheel or connector may be loose.

Belt wheel: tighten the screw showed in picture

Connector: tighten the screw showed in picture

Belt: unscrew the belt connector a little bit till you can pull the belt in or out. Pull in the belt till it is nice and tight and then screw the belt connector tight again. Notice that the belt connector and the belt have matching teeth. Make sure the teeth are fitting properly before tightening the screw.

  • Bad extruder installation

The different height of the two nozzles of dual-extruder printer will cause shifting. It is because that when the higher nozzle is printing, the lower one will hit the print which will cause motor missing step. We developed a mechanism that can easily adjust nozzle height. Secondary backup locking screws are installed on the left/right side of the extruder carriage. You can remove that screw at first. And the screw is blocked by the coldend fan. So remove the cold-end fan and take out the backup screw. Then you can easily move up/down the hotend by loosing the front screw. 0~3mm distance would be acceptable for most cases. And replacing the hotend is in the same way.

However, some screws holding the extruder may get loose during shipping and cause this problem. Try to tighten the screws for the extruder and if not help, contact us for further instruction.

  • Broken driver modules

If the modules for X or Y drivers is broken, the motor cannot work normally. It may cause shifting. You can contact us for further instruction.