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If your printer was extruding properly at the beginning of your print, but suddenly stopped extruding later on, please read on to find solution to your problem. If your printer was having trouble extruding at the very beginning of the print, please see the Not Extruding at Start of a Print section.

Check the following things to solve the problem.

  • Out of filament

This one is pretty obvious, but yet people tend to ignore quite often. Check whether the spool has run out or not. If yes, you will need to load a new spool before continuing the print.

  • The filament has stripped against the drive gear.

Stripped filament means when your extruder motor is spinning, but the filament is not moving. It may happen when you try to print too fast or extrude too much material. If this is the case, please see the Grinding Filament section for more details on how to solve this problem.

  • The extruder is clogged.

Dust on the spool could be a cause for this problem. As the print goes, much filament is fed into the extruder and so is the dust. The dust could accumulate inside the extruder and start to cause problem. For more possible causes, please see the clogged extruder description in the Clogged Extruder section for more details.