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You’ve asked, and we’ve answered.

Evolve to the latest generation of performance The beloved N Series has quickly become a staple in warehouses, businesses, and workshops worldwide. With the support and feedback from users like you, Raise3D introduced the Pro2 Series which has sparked a new world of possibility. This advanced system was redesigned to incorporate the industries most advanced upgrades and premium features and has become the new standard for production-grade performance.

Meanwhile, the N Series systems have proven to be more than capable and have proven that they ,along with their users, will withstand the test of time. For our users who stand by their N Series product, and hope to continue their printing journey, we have adapted some of these state-of-the-art features as Upgrade Components.

What’s Possible?

Ever since the announcement of the Pro2 Series, N Series owners have made their voices heard inquiring on future upgrade possibilities. Due to the similar appearance, many users were excited to hear the list of new capabilities and were hoping for the availability. Upon closer inspection of the Pro2 Series’ completely redesigned chassis, it was clear that mechanical limitations in the N Series units have made direct installations of these features impossible.

While the base of the N Series limits the compatibility of certain features, the Raise3D team has invested many countless hours of adapting and testing, to create a collection of compatible Upgrade Components that allow N Series owners enjoy some of the features and benefits of the new Pro2.


Each Upgrade Component is custom prepared for N1 units, or N2/N2 Plus units and can be adapted for a dual extruder or single extruder model. The five main components can be purchased individually.

The Upgrade Components for N Series:


Upgrade Component Image Shipping Time Details

Bondtech Dual Extruder

From Sep 10, 2018 Click Here

Bondtech Single Extruder

From Sep 10, 2018 Click Here


From Sep 10, 2018 Click Here

Silicone Hot End Covers (3pcs/set)

From Sep 10, 2018 Click Here

Filament Run-out Sensor

Available Now Click Here


How to buy?

The Bondtech Dual/Single Extruder, Webcam and Silicone Hot End Covers are available for PRE-ORDER now, while SHIPPING will start from Sep 10, 2018.

Filament Run-out Sensor is available now. You can order it directly from our sales partners.

If you have any more questions, please contact inquiry@raise3d.com.