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Now you have successfully started your print job. But printing defects exsist, please check the topic below to check your problems. Most of them related to slicing setting, filaments, print bed setup. So please be patient. You are getting more closer to a good print!

Not Extruding at Start of a Print

Print Not Sticking to the Bed

Shifted Layers

Extruding too Little / Much Plastic

Holes and Gaps in Floor Corners

Holes and Gaps in Solid Layers

Stringing or Oozing


Inconsistent Extrusion

Vey Small Features Not Being Printed

Blobs and Zits 

Weak Infill

Stops Extruding in the Middle of a Print

Clogged Extruder

Grinding Filament

Layer Separation and Splitting

Battery Problem

Strange Noise when Homing